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Welcome to Long Learn - a parallel world of Lifelong Learning.


‘Welcome to the future of cities, towns and regions. Learning cities and towns that will lead the way to a healthier, more sustainable, prosperous and open-minded future. ’

Norman Longworth, former President of the European Lifelong Learning Initiative and visiting professor to the universities of Southampton, Sheffield Hallam, Edinburgh Napier, and Stirling, and advisor to the Centre for Adult Education and Lifelong Learning, University of Glasgow.


Just open the gate by clicking on it................

and you will be guided to a treasurehouse of colourful exercises, graphics,

lessons, and ideas that will help re-vitalise your city, its workforce, its

people and the institutions that give it life. Learning Cities are the cities of

tomorrow. These learning materials have been developed over recent years,

mostly with financial help from the European Commission, and they are

downloadable free of charge for every city that wants to use them. Il y a

aussi quelques lešons et graphiques en franšais
and others in the Czech,

Hungarian and Norwegian languages can be obtained on request.

(Painting of gate by Maggie Longworth).


‘Everybody must be brought to the level of semi-literacy of the average university graduate by the year 2000 - This is the minimum survival level of the human race’

Arthur C Clarke, Childhood’s End, 1963
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